What is an Investment Incentive Certificate?

It's a certificate for the investment projects that are entitled to receive a support according to the measures of the new Decree and includes the main characteristics of the investment project.

Who can apply for an Investment Incentive Certificate?

Real persons, ordinary partnerships, stock corporations, cooperatives, joint ventures, public institutions and agencies,public professional organizations,associations and foundations,Turkish branches of foreign based companies can benefit from supports extended under the Investment Incentives Program of Turkey provided that they satisfy all criteria set for each scheme.

Is there any list of projects that are not supported?

The Annex-4 of the Investment Incentive Decree lists all the projects that are not entitled for support.

Are the investment incentive certificates issued before Jan 1, 2012 entitled for these new supports?

Unfortunately, this new investment incentive system is for the certificates issued before the enactment date. However, according to the Council of Minister's Decree no. 2009/15199, the certificates issued between January 1, 2012 and June 19, 2012, investors can benefit from the new system if they wish.

Our investment project was granted support from other government institutions. Can I also apply for an Investment Incentive Certificate?

Unfortunately, the investment projects that are being supported by other government institutions cannot benefit from the investment incentive program, thus a certificate cannot be issued.

We are planning to lease the machinery and equipment in terms of our investment project. Can that project be supported?

It's possible to lease the whole or partial amount of machinery and equipment. However, the total amount of machinery and equipment for each leasing company should be at least 200.000 TL.

If an investment project is realized in an Organized Industrial Zone, can we have additional support in terms of general investment incentive scheme?

The investments within OIZs are entitled for more favorable rates only if the investments are meeting the criteria of large scale or regional investments.