Industrial Production in Germany Realized the Fastest Increase in 7 Months

08 November 2022

In September 2022, Germany production in industry in real terms was up by 0.6% on the previous month on a price, seasonally and calendar adjusted basis according to provisional data of the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis). Compared with September 2021, the increase in calendar adjusted production in industry amounted to 2.6% in September 2022.

In contrast to the overall industry, the production in the energy-intensive industrial branches declined by 0.9% in September 2022 compared with August 2022. Compared with September 2021, the decrease in calendar adjusted production in energy-intensive branches amounted to 9.7% in September 2022.

Production is still affected by the extreme shortage of intermediate products. Enterprises still have difficulties completing their orders as supply chains are interrupted because of the war in Ukraine and distortions persist that have been caused by the Covid-19 crisis. 65.8% the industrial enterprises surveyed complained of bottlenecks and problems in procuring intermediate products and raw materials in September 2022.

Source:  Destatis
Post by: Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Trade