Customs Brokerage

26 January 2021
Question:  Who Is A Customs Broker And What Does He/She Do?

Answer: Real and legal persons who want to have transactions in the Customs Offices can make their own customs declarations, as well as private sector employees who are specialized in this field can  make declarations. Customs brokers also provide consultancy services on customs and foreign trade issues.

Question:  Is It Necessary To Appoint a Customs Broker?

Answer: No. Persons may fulfill their own customs transactions, or they may hire a customs broker with a power of attorney issued by a notary public. 

Question:  Are Customs Brokers Government Officials?

Answer: No. Customs Brokers are private sector employees. Their services are subject to a fee.

Question: How Do We Know If A Person Is A Customs Broker?

Answer: Customs Brokers are given a “Customs Brokerage Certificate” by The Ministry of Trade. You may ask Customs Brokers to show their certificates.

Question:  What is the Advantage of Working with a Customs Broker?

Answer: Since the Customs and Foreign Trade Legislation includes many technical issues such as value, origin, customs tariff and digital applications, customs brokers may help you to avoid any wrongdoing in customs transactions.

Question: What Should I Ask When Working With a Customs Broker?

Answer: If a declaration is to be made to the customs administration, please ask him

  • to give information about possible risks and consequences,
  • what information and documents are required for this declaration,
  • how much tax and tax-like payments should be made,
  • and all matters that come to your mind.
Question: Is there any standard in Customs Brokers’ Fees?

Answer: Yes. Customs Brokers cannot work below fees determined by the Minimum Fee Communiqué published at the official gazette every year. The related Communiqué can be accessed on the website of The Ministry of Trade. It is advised to check what the fee requested by customs brokers covers.

Question: Is there a Customs Broker near my location?

Answer: There is a section of "How Do I Contact Customs Brokers?" on the website of The Ministry of Trade. It is possible to search for customs brokers and their contact information such as name, phone number, city etc.