The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Macedonia was signed on 7 September 1999 in Ankara and entered into force on 1 September 2000.

In addition to eliminating   tariffs and non-tariff barriers, the FTA regulates numerous subjects such as sanitary and phytosanitary measures, intellectual property, rules of origin, internal taxation, anti-dumping and countervailing measures, safeguards, and balance of payments measures.

Concerning industrial products, customs duties on imports into Macedonia were, were eliminated as of 1 January 2008.
Customs duties on imports into Turkey of industrial products originating in Macedonia were abolished in 2003.

Concerning agricultural products, Turkey and Macedonia exchanged mutual concessions for certain products in the form of tariff quotas or on an unlimited basis subject to MFN duty reduction or exemption. Reciprocal concession lists of agricultural products are laid down in Protocol I of the Agreement.

The products which will benefit from the preferential tariffs should fulfill the rules of origin set out in Protocol II of the Agreement.